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    Are you one of those unique people with an gypsy spirit who dances to their own drum beat? Do you find yourself drawn to the comfy chic look? If the answer to those questions is yes, then you and Free Spirit Threads are perfect for each other!

    We create fashion and home adornments with the intention to inspire you and make your journey through this wondrous life even more magical. Our passion for promoting feelings of love, peace and infinite possibilities through design is what drives us.

    All of our items are one-of-a-kind works of art just like you!


    Nell's colorful path began years ago in the Bronx, New York when her Grandma Bessie, who was a gifted seamstress, introduced her to sewing. 

    Her Grandmother's black antique Singer sewing machine fascinated her and Bessie patiently taught her how to measure, cut and stitch all manner of fabric. She also taught her the handiwork of crochet and embroidery. And she not only instilled within Nell's young psyche an adoration for making things but she impressed upon her the importance of being a good person and sharing a positive spirit.

    Curious to expand her knowledge of art, Nell began a determined, self-taught journey into mixed media collage. The merging of an affection for fabric and an obsession with collage produces her overall artistic style which she blissfully describes as "chaotic harmony."

    She is a hippie flower child at heart who is in love with color, texture and metaphysical concepts which is reflected in her work. Her studio is located in her home on the South Shore of Long Island in the state of New York.